Film Maker

Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor / Colourist

Drawing Machine (The Machine)
Taking the man out of the machine this film gives the viewer a fantasia like experience. The movements of the large weighted pendulums dominate the entire room. Slowly building from a stand still to a frenzied crescendo. The drawings rhythmic repetitions records the passing of movement and time.

Drawing Machine (Time-Lapse)
Abstract time-lapse of a 21 layer drawing. This film was created when Eske rex was exploring the golden Fibonacci sequence of numbers within nine drawings. From a single layer on the first drawing to 55 layers in the ninth and final drawing. The drawing series appears as a gradient from light to dark, reflecting how much time the machine has drawn on each drawing.

Drawing Machine (Layering)
Realtime excerpts of different layers within a 4 hour drawing. Within the drawing series, drawings have ranged in time from 10 minutes to 7 days. This film focuses on the layering process, showing the collaboration between craftsman, machine and drawing.

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